Interpreters` “Free Stage” in the cultural newspaper Sirp

Chamber music performances on a free stage


Three temporal spaces seperated by intervals offered a representative and diverse gallery of performers to experience.


Concert “Interpreters’ free stage” 19. V in the large hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater.

The spring gala concert “Interpreters’ free stage” held for the second year by the Estonian Interpreters’ Union offered a wide selection of performers to listen to, from quite a variety of specialties. The concert, which took place in the large hall of the Academy of Music and Theater, offered a three-hour experience of musical works from classicism to the present, chosen according to the taste of the performers themselves. Ritta received chamber music instruments with a moderate volume, which do not burden with excessive range. This kind of musical “hand luggage” is perfect for a concert in a gala format, moreover, even a small format can contain a lot of content.

The end is the beginning is the end

In a somewhat paradoxical way, the evening opened with a small postscript – the first movement of Valentõn Sõlvestrov’s sonata “Post scriptum”, performed by violinist Marie-Helen Aavakivi and pianist Anneli Tohver. The meditative train of thought that often goes on under the sordine was only interrupted by a few brief revivals, which always yearned to return to the sordine’s calming influence in search of peace. If only fate would give a little consolation to the composer’s homeland, where, unfortunately, there does not seem to be a peaceful end to the atrocities. However, not everything is completely lost, further confirmed. As an antidote to the bitter despair, Tõnu Kõrvitsa’s chamber work “Hope” or “Lootus”, written to the words of the American poetess Emily Dickinson, was offered, the soft contours of which were made audible by soprano Kädy Plaas, violinist Kaija Lukas, cellist Valle-Rasmus Roots and pianist Piret Väinmaa.


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