Concert review in magazine Sirp

Doctoral Student`s view on contemporary music


At the concert, we heard and saw different personalities of composers and performers, who formed an intriguing whole in the best sense of the word and that arouses interest in the future.


Gala concert of doctoral students and alumni of the Doctoral School of Cultural Sciences and Arts 28. IV Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in the big hall. PhD students Ilana Makarina (piano), Vittoria Ecclesia (clarinet), Tuuri Dede (mezzo-soprano), Ksenia Rossar (soprano) and alumni Giovanni Albini (ukulele), Kristi Kapten (piano), Marie-Helen Aavakivi (violin), Anneli Tohver ( piano) and Theodore Parker (modular synthesizer). The program includes music by Fabrizio Nastari, Toivo Tulev, George Gershwin, Giovanni Albini, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Alisson Kruusmaa, Valentin Silvestrov, Mohammed Fairouz and Theodore Parker. The artistic director of the concert was PhD student Fabrizio Nastari.


Silvestrov’s romantically breathed sonata “Post scriptum” for violin and piano brought an impressive contrast. Alumni Marie-Helen Aavakivi and Anneli Tohver played an extensive first part of it, interpreting it poetically and with watercolor sound colors. Another contrast was created by alumnus Theodore Parker’s improvisation with interesting points on the modular synthesizer – and it was very effective when placed in the center of the program. The concert’s artistic director Fabrizio Nastari’s own composition “Dies Rainbow” for ukulele sounded as the first piece of the evening, convincingly showing how versatile the ukulele can be used in contemporary music..

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